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… however, if there is anything else you need to know, do not hesitate in contacting us.


This section should help answer any of your questions.

However, if there is anything else you need to know, do not hesitate in contacting us.

Your Tenancy Agreement

Q: What is the Tenancy Agreement?

The Tenancy Agreement is a legally binding document between the Landlord (Owner) and the Tenant (You). It sets out clearly defined rules of the property and the obligations of the Landlord and Tenant.

This is useful because if there are any disputes both the Landlord and Tenant will refer to the Tenancy Agreement.

Q: How long is the Tenancy Agreement?

The Tenancy Agreement is for 48 weeks (11 months).
Starting from the 1st August through to the 30th June.

Q: Can I extend my Tenancy?

If you would like to extend your Tenancy you must notify us as early as possible to ensure your room has not been let to someone else.

Q: When do I move in?

You can move in any time from the start of your Tenancy.
You may be able to move in earlier if the house is ready.
Please contact us regarding this.

Q: Can I cancel my Tenancy Agreement?

If you cancel your Tenancy prior to moving in, you will lose your reservation fee unless you can find a suitable replacement. If you wish to leave the house during the Tenancy you can only do so once an acceptable replacement has been found.

Q: Will I be liable for anyone else’s rent?

No. You sign the Tenancy Agreement to say that you will only be liable for the rent for your room.
Should any of your housemates not pay their rent you will not be asked to compensate their failure to pay.

Q: Will I need to provide a Guarantor?

Yes, you will need to provide us with details of your parent or guardian who will be prepared to guarantee your rent. Guarantors stand as a guarantee for your rent payment and any other Tenancy obligations.

If a Tenant defaults the Guarantor is liable to pay the rent owed to the Landlord as well as any loses, expenses or damages where the Tenant fails to carry out his/ her obligations under the Tenancy agreement.

All Tenants must have their Tenancy obligations guaranteed before they can move into a property.

Living in Your Perfect Pad

Q: How do I reserve a property I like?

All our properties are offered on a strictly first come, first served basis. Once you have viewed a property and decided to take it, you can go to the OTHER DOCUMENTS section where you can read through the Tenancy Agreement.

Once you are happy to commit, you will need to pay a reservation fee (which will be carried forward as your deposit once the Tenancy begins), sign the Tenancy Agreement (a binding Contract), fill out a contact details form and then the property is reserved for you.
Q: Do I need to buy a TV License?

No, the TV licence is included in your rent.

Q: What do I need to bring?

Please go to our OTHER DOCUMENTS section for a full guide of what to bring with you.

Q: Can I have overnight guests?

Yes, it is your home so you can have guests staying over occasionally but we would ask you to respect your fellow housemates and not allow any guest to stay more than two consecutive nights in seven.

Q: Can I smoke in the house?

No, all our properties are non-smoking buildings.

Q: What if something goes wrong in the house?

At Your Perfect Pad, we pride ourselves on our fast response time to any problems you may have in the house. We expect any faults to be reported to us straight away and we are normally able to fix them the same day.

Q: Is Insurance included for my possessions?

No, only the building itself is insured. More often than not, your personal possessions can be covered under your parent’s home insurance policy whilst you are at University at little or no extra cost. Otherwise, Endsleigh Insurance Limited can do competitively priced student insurance. To find out more about the cover visit

Q: How secure are the houses?

Security is one of our utmost priorities. All our houses are fitted with five lever deadlocks and anti-slip Yale locks on all external doors.

There are also locks on bedroom doors. During the Tenancy, it is your responsibility to ensure all doors and windows are locked when you are out of the house.

Q: Can I bring a pet?

No. We do not allow any pets in our properties.


Q: How do I pay my rent?

You can either pay your rent by standing order on the 1st of each month by completing the standing order mandate in the OTHER DOCUMENTS section or you can pay termly at the beginning of each semester.

Q: Can I pay my rent online?

Yes, If you would like to make an online payment please contact us direct for further details.

Q: Can I pay my rent termly?

Yes. If you prefer to pay your rent termly when your student loan comes in then you will firstly need to pay for August at the start of your tenancy. You then make a 4 month payment in September when you receive your loan, a 3 month payment in January and a 3 month payment in April.

Q: What happens if my rent is late?

If you think your rent will not be paid on time or you have any concerns about paying your rent, please contact us immediately.

If your rent is late for more than 14 days, you will be charged an administration fee of £40.

Q: What happens to my deposit?

Your Perfect Pad subscribes to mydeposits which is a government authorised Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme. This places legal obligations on us as your Landlord to return your deposit within 2 weeks of your Tenancy end date.

At the end of your Tenancy, assuming the house and it’s belongings are in the same condition as when you moved in, fair wear and tear accepted, you will get your deposit back promptly and in full.

Q: How will my deposit be returned?

A final inspection of the house will be carried out prior to your move out. If any deductions are required they will be discussed with you at this point. Within 14 days after the end of your Tenancy your deposit will be returned back to you by bank transfer.
Q: Do I need to pay Council Tax?

No, not if you are a full-time registered student. Your student number and other details must be completed on the contact details form for this purpose.

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